Wake Surfing

Wake surfing and idol surf

We started wake surfing in 2006 and realized the vast majority of wake surfboards didn’t give the right combination of feel, design, and construction quality we wanted, so we quickly went to work building more progressive shapes.  Our goal was to deliver the perfect combination of smooth gliding turns, to mimic ocean surfing, and the pop of the most progressive wake surfboards on the market.  We went by the philosophy that “Anything worth doing is worth doing right” and when we were ready, iDol officially launched at the 2010 World Wake Surfing Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Over the years, iDol has gown to become one of the most reputable names in wake surfing.  All of our surfboards are made with an emphasis on quality and integrity.  This year, we are offering a complete line of skim and surf-style wakesurf boards, ready to ship today!  These are the latest and greatest shapes from the iDol Surfboards shapers.

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