iSurf SUP Paddle Boards 

Looking for a SUP (stand up paddle board) in the midwest?  Then an iSurf paddle board is perfect for you.  Our shapes are designed specifically for inland/freshwater conditions by Minnesota’s top surfboard shapers and made using lightweight and rugged EPS/Epoxy surfboard construction.  Whether you are new to paddle boarding or an advanced SUP racer and/or Great Lakes surfer, we have the board to suit your needs.

This year, we are offering our most complete line of stand up paddle boards ever.  Newcomers to the sport will love our All-Water SUPs.  More advanced paddle boarders will find maximum speed and glide with the new race & touring boards or the perfect combination of speed & maneuverability with our Fresh Surfer surf-style SUP . offers free shipping/delivery on all of our boards.  You can also pick up your board today at one of our dealers!

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All-Water SUP Paddle Boards

We have expanded the SUP quiver to make sure there is just the right board for any and every paddler.  The 10’6” Aloha Cruiser is a user-friendly SUP that the whole family will love – This board is designed to be stable and fast for anyone under 195 pounds.  Heavier riders will love the 11’1” Yogi Fisher or the 11’6″ Thalo, which have been paddled by surfers up to 350 pounds!  We also introduce an inflatable board this year, the iYogi, which is sturdy, rugged, and comes with one of the best warranties in surfboards!

Smaller paddlers, up to 130 pounds wanting a lightweight/compact board, can easily paddle our surf-style SUP, the iSurf 9’11” Fresh Surfer.  This board can also be surfed by intermediate-advanced SUP surfers up to 200-225 pounds.

New to the line is the iYogi inflatable SUP.   This board features extremely high quality PVC construction in a compact package that can be easily transported and stored between SUP sessions.

All iSurf SUP boards (except the inflatable) are made using lightweight and strong EPS/Epoxy construction, and they are all produced under the direct supervision of idol founder, Alex Brost, to ensure quality and integrity of the product.

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Paddleboard Accessories

SUP Paddles

Our SUP paddles are hailed for being incredibly lightweight, durable and user-friendly.   They’re also an incredible value – you won’t find similar paddles for anywhere near the price we sell our paddles.  We offer a basic aluminum shaft with plastic blade adjustable paddle.  However, most of our customers opt for the incredibly lightweight and durable 100% carbon fiber blade & shaft SUP paddles.

iSurf Quality and Integrity

When you buy an iSurf SUP paddle board, you are purchasing a proven SUP shape made using only quality materials and fair labor practices. iSurf’s founder, Alex Brost, personally over-sees construction of his brands, iSurf and iDol Surfboards.  He makes regular visits to manufacturing facilities to ensure that quality materials, safe labor conditions, happy workers, and zero child labor are being utilized.

So what are you waiting for?  Order your iSurf SUP today or visit your local dealer today!  If you have any questions, please call or text us at 612-568-4365 or email us at [email protected]