4’6″ Twist


Fast, responsive, and oh so much pop – Put a Twist under your feet and step-up your wake surf game.  For beginner-pro level wake surfers up to 185 pounds.  Also available in Limited Edition carbon-fiber/bamboo construction.

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The Twist wakesurf board is the culmination of years of R&D, trying different shapes, and tweaking every little detail to build the best performance wake surfboard shape we can. We have adjusted the rails, rocker, and tail to make this board faster, more responsive, and add pop. Featuring light and durable EPS/Epoxy construction at a price/quality combination that can’t be beat. This board is designed to execute the most advanced maneuvers in wake surfing, yet it is forgiving enough to be ridden by riders of all ability levels. Fast, stable, drives, and releases – this is a surf-style wake surfboard for beginner-pro level riders looking to aggressively improve their wake surfing.

The board comes with three Futures Fins, so you can try different fin setups. A thruster fin setup allows aggressive riders to ride twin-fin, while beginners can harness more control by riding single-fin or thruster (3 fins). This board is for any rider up to 185 pounds. Also available in Limited Edition carbon-fiber/bamboo construction. All idol wake surfboards feature light and strong EPS/Epoxy construction, Futures Fins interchangeable fin systems, EVA deck pads, and Gore-Tex passive vents (in surf-style boards only). These boards are made with integrity using quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Also available in Limited Edition carbon-fiber/bamboo construction.


A fast and stable outline puts board volume between your feet where you want it, and sheds excess foam. Single-to-double concave work with the thruster fin setup to make this board fast down-the-line. Extra wide squash tail allows you to generate speed off your back foot and turn with ease. Progressive rails hold and drive up front while releasing at the tail for spins and aerial tricks.


CNC machined and hand finished EPS foam core with 3-ply stringer. Three layers of 6oz fiberglass hand laid and wrapped on each side, using non-toxic epoxy for superior strength and performance. Fitted with Gore-Tex passive vent to allow out-gassing and avoid delaminating in excessive heat and/or high altitude conditions. All idol wake surfboards are fitted with idol’s heartbeat EVA deck pad.


Futures Fins thruster setup with three fins included. Ride it thruster (3-fin) set-up for speed and hold. It can also be ridden as a twin-fin to keep it loose for spinning, and beginners can ride it single-fin for superior stability and tracking. With Futures Fins boxes, you have the ability to upgrade to any Futures compatible fins for an even higher-performance, pro-level ride.



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Additional information


4’6″ x 20 3/8″ x 1 3/4″

Design Breif

Flattened rocker, thin/progressive rails, squash-tail, deep single-double concave, thruster fins.


EPS, Epoxy, Fiberglass.


Signature idol surf traction with 1cm raised arch bar in front and back.


3 Futures Fins boxes and fins included in price.

Shipping Dimensions / Weight

56 x 22 x 5 inches / 9 pounds


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