9’6″ Fitzgerald Great Lakes Longboard


When the gales of November come early, grab the Fitzgerald to get your toes over the nose!

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A Great Lakes noserider with enough volume to accommodate the biggest lake surfers, the 9’6″ Fitzgerald is a great board for any great lakes surfers wanting a high-performance longboard with a significant amount of volume.  This high-performance modern longboard is his aggressive enough for advanced surfers and stable enough for beginners.


You’ll find most of the board’s 85 liters of volume in the front half of the board – this makes paddling and catching waves easy.  That wide front half matched with a single concave makes the board plane easy and is geared towards nose riding.  Step back to the back half of the board where the outline tapers to a somewhat narrow squash/diamond tail with a slight vee on the bottom – here you can engage the 1+2 fin setup and put the board on-rail for sweeping turns.   While the rocker is flatter to accommodate nose riding, but there is enough nose-flip to keep from pearling on The Great Lakes points.

At 9’6″ x 23″ x 3.25″, there is plenty of stability for beginners, while the high-performance features will not disappoint even veteran long-boarders.


An extra lightweight EPS foam core is over-glassed with two layers of 6oz fiberglass per side.  The combination of the lightweight core and thicker glassing schedule make this board extremely durable, yet lightweight and high-performance.


Futures Fins 1+2 setup.  Basic fins included.

From the Shaper

“This is my personal longboard shape.  I tend to use this board when the waves are a bit smaller and less powerful to maximize my wave count and fun.  It has heaps of foam volume, which is helpful to my 200+ pound frame.  It’s really a pretty huge board, which I love for cross-steps to the nose and just making gutless point breaks as fun as possible.”

Additional information


9'6" x 23" x 3.25"


69.4 liters

Country of Origin

Designed in Minnesota. Made in China.