12’6″ Arrowhead Race/Touring SUP


The 12’6″ Arrowhead is our mid-size race/touring SUP.  This paddle board is fast and stable in a variety of conditions.  It can be used for racing or touring.  Available in blue, orange or pink brushed carbon-fiber.



The 12’6″ Arrowhead is our mid-size race/touring SUP.  This paddle board designed specifically to be fast, lightweight and durable.  The race inspired outline is 28″ wide, which makes it stable enough to be paddled recreationally or even on expeditions.  EPS/Epoxy/Carbon-fiber construction means this board will last for years.

The entire race and touring series are designed in collaboration with world renowned paddle boarder and shaper Alex Linnell.  Each Linnell Performance Paddleboard Shape is designed for speed on the race course and efficiency while touring.  The race boards feature a water-piercing nose and displacement hull, which work in union with a flatter rocker to cut through the water like a razor.  The bottom features progressive rails and dynamic bottom contours to maximize speed.  The deck is designed to shed water, and comes standard with a 4-point rigging system.

iSurf Race paddle boards feature lightweight EPS cores, full carbon-fiber lamination, and brushed-carbon finish, which make the boards extremely light-weight, durable, and stylish.   These boards begin with a lightweight EPS core which is laminated in multiple layers of fiberglas and a full wrap of directional-bias carbon fiber.   They are finished with a color-fade paint job, and sanded for a beautiful and functional brushed-carbon finish.

All iDol and iSurf boards are designed and manufactured under the supervision of iDol/iSurf founder, Alex Brost.  Brost founded the company on the belief that “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”  That means that all boards are constructed using quality materials and fair labor practices.  We make sure boards are constructed properly and with integrity.

Standard features include:

  • Traction
  • Leash plug
  • GORE-TEX® vent
  • Ergonomically designed carrying handle
  • Deck rigging
  • Single keel fin.

Due to large size SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE on this product.  Please call for local pickup.

Additional information


12'6" x 28" x 6"


EPS, Epoxy, Carbon-Fiber.


Diamond-patter race grip.

Deck rigging

Four-point bungie rigging system.


Single 11 inch tracking fin included.

Included in price

Board, traction, carry handle, vent, leash plug, deck rigging & fins.

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