11’1″ Yogi Fisher


Extra stable, stylish, and lightweight SUP.  The iSurf Yogi Fisher is designed for SUP yoga, fishing, or larger paddle boarders.  iSurf quality at a price that can’t be beat!


The iSurf Yogi Fisher paddle board is one of the most stable & user-friendly SUP boards in the world. It utilizes a similar shape to the Aloha Cruiser, but more surface area on the water and increased foam volume make it extra stable.  This board’s design is threefold: a wide flat deck offers stability, for practicing SUP yoga, fishing, or adding stability for larger or beginner paddle boarders.  This is the perfect board for static SUP sports or beginner paddlers up to 350 pounds.

This board measures 11’1″ in length and weighs in at only 27 pounds.  By using EPS/Epoxy construction, we are able to minimize weight and maximize durability.  This board is laminated with three layers of 6-ounce fiberglass on the top and two layers of 6-ounce plus one layer of four ounce fiberglass on the bottom, with all layers lapping the rails.  The result is 34-ounces of fiberglass lapping the rails, guaranteeing strength in the areas of the board most susceptible to damage (nose, rails & tail).

All iDol and iSurf boards are designed and manufactured under the supervision of iDol/iSurf founder, Alex Brost.  Brost founded the company on the belief that “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.”  That means that all boards are constructed using quality materials and fair labor practices.  He spends a great deal of time in the factory making sure boards are constructed properly and with integrity.

Standard features include:

  • Traction
  • Leash plug
  • GORE-TEX® vent
  • Ergonomically designed carrying handle
  • 2+1 FCS fins.

Free pickup or delivery on SUP in the Twin Cities Metro Area.  If you live in/near Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, please call us to take advantage of free pickup or delivery (normally same or next day).

$300 Flat Rate Shipping in the rest of the continental United States! SUPs ship via LTL freight within 5 business days.  Please be sure to include a phone number where you can easily be contacted when you checkout – SUPs are over-sized, and our shipping company will need to contact you to arrange delivery. If you want your SUP sooner, check our Dealers Page and visit your local iSurf dealer.  Sorry, but we cannot ship SUPs beyond the continental US.

Additional information


11'1" x 32.25" x 4.75"


27 pounds.


EPS, Epoxy, Fiberglass.


iSurf signature heartbeat diamond groove traction pad.

Deck rigging

Four-point bungie rigging system.


FCS with 11 inch tracking fin.

Included in price

Board, traction, carry handle, vent, leash plug, deck rigging & fins.


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