06’1″ ob1 Great Lakes Surfboard


This board is designed to be a one-board quiver – surf anything from waist-high cheeseburgers to over-head barrels with the  ob1!


The ob1 is the latest evolution of idol surf’s founder and shaper, Alex Brost’s, personal shortboard design.  This Great Lakes surfboard is aimed at the intermediate short-boarder who wants a board that can do it all.


A high performance hybrid of sorts.  The front half of the  board is all high-performance shortboard, with the wide point slightly forward for easier paddling.  The tail of the board is slightly wider than you’d see in most shortboards, which is complimented by a shallow swallow-tail to give stability, speed, and ease of paddle.   The continuous rocker has a low entry (which gets you into the wave early), but maintains enough nose flip to stay above sea level on steeper drops.  It features a single-to-double concave that works with the rocker, fins, and outline to make this board super fast down-the-line.


An extra lightweight EPS foam core is over-glassed with two layers of 6oz fiberglass per side.  The combination of the lightweight core and thicker glassing schedule make this board extremely durable, yet lightweight and high-performance.


Futures Fins thruster setup.  Basic fins included.

From the Shaper

“I originally designed this board to be as user-friendly as possible and imitate the response and drive of a wake surfboard.  Over the years as my surfing has progressed through traveling and surfing everything from Indonesian barrels to Great Lakes mushburgers, and the board progressed as well to handle the variety of conditions.   This current evolution of the board is still easy to paddle and has tons of drive, but it’s now easier to put on-rail or free up the fins for some proper shredding.  I ride this model more than any other surfboard, and this latest evolution is by-far my favorite and highest performing yet!”