idol X mas gift ideas

Top Gift ideas for 2017 Holiday Shoppers


A great form of surf traction. Just peel, stick, and surf to you board. The natural feeling grip has been engineered to instantly bond to your board so you do not have to worry about it coming off in the water, or taking multiple sessions to build up a nice waxy base.


Sticky Bumps

From Ocean surf, to fresh water surf, Sticky Bumps surf wax has over four decades of experience in manufacturing the worlds leading surf wax !

Get the Holiday Stocking stuffer pack for your lil shredder!

sticky bumps

Idol surf board with surf  sock ( stocking stuffer)

The F-Grom shape arrived on the scene in 2013 when we built a custom surfboard for one of our younger team riders, Frankie Jost.  The following year it was released as a production model and became one of the most recommended surf-style boards for younger/smaller riders.  Throughout the years, we improved the F-Grom by adding a faster rocker and thinning out the entire board to make it more responsive and easier for amateur riders to get up and shred.  The F-Grom wakesurf board is made specifically for groms with performance in mind.

image of wake surfboard for kids

Another great gift to compliment any Idol wake surfboard is a surf sick to protect your precious, new stick!

wakesurf board sock

GoPro Hero 6

GoPro has done it again with major Six appeal!

The New GoPro Hero 6 is out, and Better than ever! With 2X the performance, stunning image clarity, buttery smooth video, and tons of more features, it times to grab the new Hero 6 to Document all of your upcoming adventures!