Happy 2018 From idol surf

Hello Friends,

I’m excited to share with you the 2018 idol surf wake lineup.  This year, we over-hauled the line, introducing some new board models, improving several others, and completing graphic re-designs of nearly every board in the line.  All 2018 boards will be built in the same factory we have used for several years, where materials and craftsmanship are quality, and workers’ conditions are fair (scroll through this idolsurf.com blog to learn more about the factory and my numerous visits there).

a sneak peak at 2018 skimboards

a sneak peak at 2018 skimboards

In 2017, we added an extra 6oz layer of fiberglass to all wake models to improve rigidity and durability, and that will remain for 2018, as the results were superb.  All surf-style boards will be vented, to minimize the effect of out-gassing for our high altitude and warmer climate customers (unfortunately skim-style boards are too thin to install the vents, but the minimal amount of foam in skim boards minimizes any issues).  Also, it should be noted that all boards will be shipped with full deck traction installed on the boards for 2018.

I’m also very excited to share that the iSurf paddleboard lineup has been rebranded with a new logo, and all SUPs will also continue to be produced by our tried and trued partner factory abroad.  The biggest and perhaps most exciting addition to the product mix for 2018, is the addition of 4 models of production surfboards, geared towards great lakes/fresh water surfing, as well as floating foam water pads – we have found a high-quality manufacturer for these popular lake toys, and the product reviews so far have all been A+.

Happy 5-month birthday to baby Kai!

Happy 5-month birthday to baby Kai!

On a personal note, I’m absolutely stoked to share that my first child/son, Kai Gunnar Brost, was born on August 16 last summer (Happy 5 Month Birthday Kai!).  Both he and Momma are healthy and doing well.  This is certainly the beginning of a new chapter and adventure in our lives, and I am thrilled to see where this all leads.  So far, Momma and I have managed to get a little sleep and slip away with Kai to Central America for a much needed break from the cold Minnesota Winter.  We’ve been down here for a few days, and we’re just getting settled in to our beautiful beach house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Life is good for the idol family, and I hope it is good for you and yours as well.

One thing is for sure – having baby Kai in my life is a huge motivator to grow idol to support my family (and not just my surf addiction).  That means growing our reach and keeping customers happy, so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments at any time.  You can always reach me at [email protected] or 612-564-idol.

Over the next couple months, we will be releasing the boards one-by-one here at idolsurf.com, so check back often to see what is in store for 2018!

I hope everything is great for you, and remember to have as much fun as possible out there!

Your Shaper,

Alex Brost


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