Great Lakes Surfing

iDol’s head shaper, Stefan Ronchetti, is a Lake Superior surfers who has been shaping great lakes surfboards since 2009.  Stefan understands the design implications of freshwater surfing and accommodates for nuances like short wave intervals and lower density water when designing boards.  If you are a Great Lakes surfer, you want a Ronchetti shape (or two) in your quiver.

great lakes surfboardsContact us and our shapers will work with you to design the perfect surfboard for your needs. Board shape, design and graphics can be modified any way you can image.  If you can imagine it, we can build it.  Our craft is your dream – your dream is our craft.

To view more images of our latest custom creations, visit our facebook page and view our photo albums.

We hand-build each board from blank creation to final polish in-house at our St. Paul, Minnesota factory. We are in control of the entire build process, so there is no limit to our ability to customize your board.

Small changes in design can have dramatic effects on how your paddle board performs.  We know what works and doesn’t work in the Great Lakes, and we will build a board to suit your home breaks and your surfing style.

Custom Surfboard Options

Each little variation will affect your ride – we’ll work with you to pick the best combination of the following:

  • Dimensions
  • Rocker
  • Outline (shape, nose, tail, etc.)
  • Rail volume and “hardness”
  • Bottom contour (Displacement hull, concaves, channels)
  • Fins (We offer Futures, FCS, or glassed-in fins in different set-ups, positions, and sizes)
  • Construction (While all iDol wakesurf boards are EPS/Epoxy, we offer different options for fiberglass, carbon-fiber, and stringers)
  •  Art (from resin tints, swirls, pinlines, airbrush spray, photo-quality printed graphics, custom logos, or any combination thereof, we’ve got you covered)
  • Traction (Many colors and patterns)
  • Plugs, mounts, etc. (Want a glassed in go-pro mount, leash plug, or extra fin options?  No problem)
  • Finish (Glossy polish or sanded finish)
  • Something weird we haven’t thought of (We love to be creative with boards – got a weird idea?  We’ll help you build it!)


To start designing your custom board, call or email us to begin the design process. You will be able to discuss the design of your board with the shaper who will be shaping it. He will provide a design plan and pricing quote for you to approve before we start work.

Depending on your art choice, production usually takes 4-6 weeks, and your board will ship immediately when you have paid the remainder of your invoice.  Most custom surfboards cost between $500-$850 depending on art and materials.

If you know a thing or two about surfboard design, download our handy Custom Surfboard Order Form and fill it out.  This is the same form we use to design and build each custom surfboard.

If you have any questions or want to get started on your board now, contact us today – We’re always happy to hear from you!