Ever have a friend that good?

This is an email that I just wrote.  I thought it really captured what a truly amazing thing friends are, and I think the most important thing to do in life is share love and gratitude.  I’m also having an issue loading images on here, so I can’t post what I wanted to but wanted to post something.

“So I’m having one of those days when everything seems to fall to pieces… Everything is great here in China, but things back in the states are slightly out of control and there is little I can do from here except send emails.  I also woke up from a dream I didn’t want to have, and my day just started in a really weird mood (This dream was of an ex – a great dream, but waking up alone felt like a nightmare in itself)… Anyways, I decided to write you for some advice or words of encouragement or just to have a dialogue to figure things out.  The amazing thing is… as soon as I started typing your name into the “To” bar, everything made sense in my head and nothing seems that bad anymore.   How do you do this?!!  You always seem to bring clarity. Even without your physical presence or words, today you brought clarity to my life.  And for that I thank you.”